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Stefanie Company

Ines LORCA Choreographer - Compositor - Dancer - Singer
Shahar KAMAY Presenter - Juggler
Marie SINNAEVE Choreographer - Dancer
Keren EPHRAIM Aerial Circus performer

Stefanie Ensemble
Teenagers ages 10 – 18


Where every morning, children would connect with themselves and the world through physical activities, where coordination, concentration and pushing limits would bring them to a sharp and tangible state of mind.

Juggling as mathematics, walking on wire as science, trapeze and aerial silks as poetry.
In our reality, as a medicament named Ritalin, "Slow Release" is given to very young children in order to better fulfill their function at school and in their daily life. On stage, we want to show another way. A way that gives different types of talents to express themselves, that builds self-confidence and encourages curiosity and tolerance. We want to introduce a generation willing to improve and to develop itself.

Each disadvantage is an advantage!

"Stefanie's not Here" is a project that, since 2008, directed by Shahar KAMAY, specialized in dyslexia and hyperactivity disorders, and by Ines LORCA, artistic director and choreographer, supports with the circus children, teenagers and people who go through a painful moment in their life (loss of a parent, violence, hyperactivity, addiction…) and supports them throughout circus arts, singing, dance, music and theater.

In 2014, la Stefanie Company created the show "Slow Release". 

This new creation puts in scene young Israeli and international professional artists.

Professional team

  • Artistic Director Ines LORCA
  • Administrative Director Shahar KAMAY
  • Music Compositor Ines LORCA
  • Music Producer Assaf GIVATI
  • Scenography Assistant Eli DOR HAIM & Tahin SNIR
  • Dancer Choreographer Marie SINNAEVE
  • Costum Designer Juliane KONIG
  • Sound Designer Gal NAVON
  • D.J Diana UP
  • Light Designer Ron ANATI

Ines LORCA is a French and Israeli choreographer.
After the National Superior Conservatoire of Dance in Paris, she continued her training in the Circus of Nanterre (France). She has developed through her father's music research, Abel LORCA, her own voice-movement method, pushing her to choreograph different pieces which received many prices and invitations to international festivals. In 2005, she arrived in Israel to dance in "Ensemble BATSHEVA Company" in Tel Aviv, directed by Ohad NAHARIN. After few years, she created her own project "Stefanie's not Here" in collaboration with Shahar KAMAY. An album was released in 2014 "Slow Release" being part of the process of creation of the last show. In her choreographic work, she binds with intimacy various arts such as music she composes, dance, circus arts and writing. She also gives voice-movement workshops to different groups such as "Yasmeen Godder Company", "Ensemble Batsheva Dance Company", musical troops and choirs in France and Israel.

Shahar KAMAY is the pedagogic director of “Move to Circus” since 2010
After being the co-director of the “House of Free Arts”, circus school in Binyamina (Israel). Teaching for the last 17 last years, he is specialised in therapy for children and teenagers who have A.D.D. (dyslexia), A.D.H.D. (hyper-activity) and addiction problems through circus and juggling. He has lectured widely in Universities in the U.S. and Israel on the subject. He’s a performer since 1998, giving shows and workshops for many groups as schools, hi-tech companies, volunteering for hospitals and youth centres. Shahar KAMAY is the administrative director of “Stefanie’s not here” project.

Marie SINNAEVE is a French dancer
Graduated from the National Superior Dance Conservatoire of Paris, she joined the Dutch Emio Greco/pc Company in 2006 and performed internationally for 4 years. Back to France, she was part of “Le Guetteur Company” and performed for two shows involving dancers and living birds on stage. She works for several dance companies as a dancer abd educational intervener, and also with actors. She's very interested in martial arts and practices the Kung Fu Wushu and Parkour.

Assaf GIVATI is an Israeli musician
He completed his music studies at the University of Los Angeles MIT between 1995-97. The founder and member of the "Fools of Prophecy", which was and still is considered one of the most popular Israeli bands. The group was active between 1998 and 2007, with a style characterised by its various ethnic influences, rap, reggae and music originating from Jamaica and poems dealing with faith, peace and love, with political messages often included. Assaf Givati worked with great artists and played on several albums. He is also a member of several bands, working primarily on combinations of rock, ethnic and Eastern Arab music. Teaches at the Music School “Zichron Yaacov”, being the conductor of the Ensemble.

Chantal COHEN as a professional actress (degrred from Seminar Kibbutzim - Israel) is performing in independant productions , such as an individual show "No elves will come". She's also teaching theater for youth

Keren EPHRAIM started in Acrobatic Gymnastics at the National Team of Wingate in Israel
Studying in parallel theater, in 1997, she plays at the Herzliya Theatre. In 2011, she began to train as an aerial circus performer with Michael FINKEL graduate of the National Centre of Circus Arts in France (CNAC) and with Ines LORCA inside the “Stefanie’s not Here” Project. She is also a Yoga-therapist and specialised in treating people with disabilities since 2006.

Gal NEVON works on sound design, recording and audio amplification
Independent since 1995, he opened his own recording studio "At the End of the Universe". Among other things, he worked with "The Fools Prophecy", Rita, Arik Einstein, Eti Ankri, Amir Lev, Amit Carmeli. He participated in the sound arrangement for the album "Slow Release", soundtrack of the show, along with Assaf GIVATI.

Juliane KONIG is a Fashion designer
 Having studied design at Hawk in Hildesheim (Germany), she started working as a fashion designer in 2008 and opened her own studio “Kreuzberg” in Berlin.  For her work, she is using recycling materials, creating extravagant sustainable fashion stage outfits, as unique pieces. 

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administrative director
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